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A multidisciplinary artist and environmental advocate, Fallon Rabin emphasizes sustainability within the fabrication process. Purposeful yet functional works of art highlight her intense spiritual bond with nature while spotlighting environmental and social issues through mixed media. She promotes art through mindfulness and strives to bring light and connection to all.


Born and raised in Southern California, Fallon Rabin is an intensely dedicated nature lover who paints from her imagination and spiritual experiences. Throughout her life, Rabin has practiced spirituality, reiki healing, and mindfulness. Since the age of eight, she has volunteered with non-profits including Heal the Bay and Bring the Elephant Home. In 2019, Rabin partnered with Wim Hof the Iceman and Bring the Elephant Home in Thailand, to organize a 5-day fundraiser/art installation to save elephants. Featuring 30 participants from 17 countries united to build the body of an elephant. Rabin’s environmental initiatives and community service efforts have earned her accolades from the mayors of Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and Thousand Oaks. In 2019, in response to her DAPL portfolio, Rabin was awarded a merit scholarship to study art at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She graduated with her BFA in May 2022. Her Universal Soul Connection Series was on view in the SAIC Spring 2022 Undergraduate Exhibition. Shortly after, in June 2022 Fallon was invited to showcase her Universal Soul Connection Series at Gary Spivey Spiritual Retreat and Gallery showing in Star, North Carolina. In September 2022, she displayed her new Soul Connection Series Part 2 at Gary Spivey Spiritual Retreat, having her second Solo Exhibition. 

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